Hello and welcome to a german side for explanations of K-Pop. 


Maybe you know what K-Pop is, if yes, then you can skip to the next paragraph ^^ Well, K-Pop is a wide genre of music, it's not like the american Pop music. K-Pop is a musical genre consisting of dance, electronic, hip hop, rock and R&B. The K before the Pop means korean and describes the language. And where does K-Pop come from? It is originally from south korea. Maybe you know PSY with his song "Gangnam Style" or Girls Generation with their album "The Boys". Or you possibly have heard from the Wonder Girls with "The DJ Is Mine". All these artists usually sing songs in korean, so K-Pop songs ^^


We want to explain all the different sides of K-Pop, so not just about Bands and Groups, their fan clubs and what the Entertainments do, we also have texts for explain the korean language, we're trying to explain the korean culture in all, the relationship between north and south korea, and so on and so on.


We are very sorry that this web page is only in german.


Your K-Pop To Go Team

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